2015 Book 4: All the light we cannot see by Anthony Doerr


All the light we cannot see is the first fiction book I finished reading in 4 years. Moving to Singapore opened a new path for my professional career, and as I moved from .Net development to business intelligence I realized how much material needs to be studied fast to catch up. From then till early this year, I only read technical, career-related and “self-help” books.

To make sure I have enough in queue to continue my Book Reading habit of 2015, I went to Amazon. This emerald covered hardbound is the #1 fiction of 2014. It tells two stories in parallel – one of a curious boy in Germany and another of a blind girl in Paris – set during the World War 2.

All the light we cannot see lived up to my expectations and more. It is the kind of book you would read until 3 am in the morning, until your eyes can read no more. The pace of the stories are just right. There is enough suspense to make you look forward to the next chapter. The paragraphs are woven with harmony; every sentence a piece of an image of the scene the author wants his reader to see. If you are particularly fond of science, the ocean, and history, then this book has icings for you.

Will I recommend this book to a friend? Yes.

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