2015 Book 3: Quiet By Susan Cain


Quiet is a book for introverts by an introvert. Susan Cain, a former Wall Street lawyer, started the book by describing the physiological aspect of introversion. Using research after research, she tells stories of how a natural “introversion” can be nurtured by an environment for the good or the bad. She tries to explain how introverts, often referred to as “shy people” (which in psychology is not necessarily the same), sees and reacts to the world. She wrote of circumstances when an introvert leader may be better than an extrovert one and vice versa, how a manager can extract the most potential from an introvert subordinate and even how a parent may raise an introvert child.

My self diagnosis is that I am NOT an introvert. But you don’t have to be one to enjoy the book. If you have loved ones, colleagues or anybody close you think falls in this personality category, I would recommend that you read this book. It brings forth the perspective of one third to one half of the world population. People who end up becoming scientists, musicians, artists, educators, engineers and many other professions that require solitude to perform.


Will I recommend this book to a friend? Yes.